A Match 3 Game

Some time ago I created a simple match 3 game in Unity.

In this game you have 60 seconds to match as many spheres as possible. They must be of the same color and they must form at least a triplet.

You can choose to swap a sphere in only four directions (up, down, right and left) and after the move a triplet must be formed to have a valid move. Otherwise the spheres will go back to their original place.

When you choose a sphere yellow particles will apear to help you understand wich sphere you have selected.

Other than that you cant select a sphere while other spheres are moving. If there is no possible move the algorithm will instantiate new spheres so the player can continue playing. Last but not least by pressing the gear button upright the game will pause and you can continue after you press the “continue” button.

Even though there are a lot to be done to have a complete and polished game the basic game mechanisms are finished.

Download and check it on PC!

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