The Battle of Polytopia

If you woke up this morning thinking of how awesome it would be to to conquer a world then you should definitely play some rounds of Polytopia. This simple but very challenging mobile strategy game is a mixture of classical strategy games such as Civilization and Age of Empires mixed with a dose of board games. You will definitely explore new worlds, discover new technologies, expand your territory and conquer your enemies.

 -Autogenerated maps.
 -Insanly cute graphics.
 -Outstanding music.
 -Great 4X gameplay.
 -Relaxed gameplay.

 -No online multiplayer.
 -Limmited game modes.

Polytopia are two greek words combined that means many places. The game is turn based  and can be played in 2 ways the first is versus AI while the second is pass and play. At this point of time the game has two main game modes to play, Perfection and Domination, while there is a third one while playing with your friends, Glory. On Perfection mode you must collect as many points as you can in 30 turns while in Glory mode the first player that achieves 10000 points wins. On the other hand Domination mode is all about being the last tribe on the map.

You can choose among 11 different tribes but only 4 of them are free. For the other 7 you have to pay something between 0,99 € to 2,89€. The last of these 7 tribes was added on the latest update (Atlantis) and it’s a “Special Tribe” meaning that has a modified tech tree and three unique units. 2 more special tribes are under construction. By buying more tribes you can play games with more opponents.

The most important strategic element of the game is that you have to manage your resources. Cities will give you stars, the bigger a city is the more stars it will give you each turn. These stars can be spent in three ways, create soldiers, expand your cities and discover new technologies.

The tech tree gives an awesome depth to the game having 5 starting choices and expanding to a total of 24 different techs. This technologies will allow you to make better troops, harvest more materials and allow you to explore and move on more difficult terrain. Deciding the best time for a technological upgrade might not always be an easy task.

Your troops is your only way to defend against your enemies. You always start with one unit that you will use it at first to explore nearby territories and conquer small villages so they can produce more stars for you. Be careful because your cities can have a limited amount of troops.

I will leave the rest for you to discover!

Overall the game is awsome! I love the music of this game it makes the whole experience of the game a lot more relaxing and fun. The voxel graphics are very suitable for this game and the color palette is carfully chosen to make a beautiful world. The best feature of the game is the autogenerated maps that are composed randomly at the start of each game. In general is one of the best mobile games of the 4X genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate). Unfortunatelly the game needs more game modes, such as survival mode, team battle mode and online multiplayer. But these shows the potential of the game. I hope that the developers are going to expand the game even more.

Developer: Midjiwan
Price: Freemium

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